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PIPE FAB Square Holder & Combo Levels

Strong magnet square holder and combo level:


Excellent tool for pipefitters, steamfitters, plumbers, ironworkers and many other crafts that uses the framing square to align and square pipe, tubes, steell, sheet metal, walls, etc.


- Made of high quality and light weight aluminum, with strong magnets to securely hold down the Square to the working surface (pipe, steel, sheet metal etc.). Has a combination of levels to level the surface.


- To calibrite the combo-levels, just loose the 2 screws and slowly move the levels as need to set it level then slowly snug tigth the screws.


- If working with pipe materials that the magnets don't work (stainless steel, PVC or aluminum), just use a good size rubber band (like the sling shots rubber bands) or tool tethers pass it around the pipe and securely tie the square holder to the pipe (as show in one of the products picture above), then use it to hold your squeres as normally.


- The square holder and combo levels can be use as small combo square/level, to level and square small nipples.